Medicines Packing Service

Medicines Packing Service

Knowing when to take your medication and avoiding doubling up can be overwhelming.  To simplify your routine and avoid confusion Pharmacy First can pack your medicine in easy-to-use blister packs that identify which medication to take, and when to take it.

Medication is packed into a Webster-pak – a large sealed packet that holds a weekly dose of medication in separate sealed sections.  This pack lists your details, your doctor’s details, all medications, and the order in which they are to be taken from Monday to Sunday at common times including breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.

Your pharmacist will take you through this pack initially, and review it with you after a few weeks to ensure it’s the right solution for you.  We encourage patients to bring a support person along who can also learn about your Webster-pak for future reference.  If your medication changes in any way we will liaise with your doctor and modify the Webster-pak for you.

We also have on offer an alternate dose administration aid, MPS Packettes.  These simple to use rolls separate your medicine into times of the day, which can be torn off to take with you if you are going out.

Speak to the pharmacist about which system will be most suitable for your needs.

Best of all, members can receive free weekly home delivery of your Webster-pak, or you can collect yours from the pharmacy at your convenience.

We are also proud to offer a free specialised pharmacy Home Review service. You simply need a referral for your doctor, and a trained pharmacist will come to your home to conduct a review of your current medication.  We look at what you’re taking, and ways to tailor this to suit your everyday needs.

Your review will include how you take your medicine (for example in tablet or liquid form), when you take it, how it interacts with other medications, how to store it correctly, as well as practical advice about how to use medical devices such as inhalers. All costs are covered by Medicare, so speak to your doctor today for your referral.

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